The Learning Generation: 12 Recommendations

Performance: Successful education systems put results front and center

  1. Set standards, track progress and make information public
  2. Invest in what delivers the best results
  3. Cut waste

Innovation: Successful education systems develop new and creative approaches to achieving results

  1. Strengthen and diversify the education workforce.
  2. Harness technology for teaching and learning
  3. Improve partnerships with non-state actors

Inclusion: Successful education systems reach everyone, including the most disadvantaged and marginalized

  1. Prioritize the poor and early years – progressive universalism
  2. Invest beyond education to tackle the factors preventing learning

Finance: Successful education systems require more and better investment

  1. Mobilize more domestic resources for education
  2. Increase the international financing of education and improve its effectiveness
  3. Establish a Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) investment mechanism for education
  4. Ensure leadership and accountability for the Learning Generation

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